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Village H South Update

City staff will continue to work with Preserve Calavera over the next two months to consider refinements to staff’s recommended option for how to potentially allow an off leash dog area while protecting sensitive habitat preserves and providing for wildlife movement at Village H South.

Four options for an off leash dog run were presented to City Council for consideration on Dec. 10, 2019. All four conceptual options were developed based on community input received at a workshop and through an online survey that took place in summer 2019.

Staff’s recommended conceptual option leaves the historic use trail as is and includes an approximate 2.7 acre off leash dog area and a parking lot at the corner of Victoria Avenue and Carlsbad Village Drive. It also adds approximately 4.5 acres of habitat to the city’s preserve system.

References to the ongoing Wildlife Movement Study, which is being conducted to get a better sense of how wildlife uses Village H South, were also shared with City Council.

Preserve Calavera expressed concerns related to maintaining sufficient wildlife movement corridors on the property.

The City of Carlsbad took ownership of the 61-acre piece of Village H property, bisected at the corner of Carlsbad Village Drive and Victoria Lane, as part of a lawsuit settlement involving Preserve Calavera and the Quarry Creek housing project. Historically, when the property was privately owned, some community members used the trail as a place to walk with their dogs off leash. A previous owner put up a fence, locked gate and installed no trespassing signs, but the public continued to use the property.

The city performed maintenance and improvements to the property upon the transfer of the deed and reopened the trail to the public in August 2019. Under city and county laws, dogs on city trails must be on a maximum 6 foot leash, and dogs are not allowed in city parks, except in off leash dog parks.

Staff will return to City Council in a few months after further coordination with Preserve Calavera.

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December 16, 2019