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Neighborhood Traffic Slowed

The City of Carlsbad will install “traffic calming” measures in five neighborhoods to slow traffic, following resident concerns about cars driving too quickly in their neighborhoods. 

Traffic calming uses physical alterations to roadways, such as speed cushions and traffic circles, to reduce speeds after other, less expensive techniques have not succeeded in slowing down motorists. The City of Carlsbad Traffic Division uses a phased process called the Carlsbad Residential Traffic Management Program to work with residents when they complain that cars are driving too fast in their neighborhood. 

The first phase focuses on education, enforcement and signage, such as speed limit signs and portable speed feedback signs, to get motorists to slow down. The Carlsbad Police Department may also increase traffic patrols to enforce speed limits during this first phase. 

The second phase includes such measures as speed cushions, speed tables and traffic circles to slow traffic. This phase calls for collaboration between residents and staff to formulate a supported traffic calming plan. It includes a meeting with residents to discuss traffic calming features and strategies tailored to their neighborhood’s needs. 

The Traffic Division may meet several times with residents to get consensus on the right mix of measures, and the traffic calming plan must be approved by a majority of residents before the city will implement them. 

A traffic calming plan must also be approved by the City of Carlsbad Traffic Commission and the City Council. 

On Tuesday, Feb. 25, the City Council approved traffic calming plans for these five neighborhood streets:

  • Amargosa Drive between Olivenhain Road and Los Pinos Circle
  • Hillside Drive between Kelly Drive and just north of Neblina Drive
  • Avenida Diestro between Circula Sequoia and Sitio Baya
  • Estrella De Mar Road between Poinsettia Lane and just south of Olivine Court
  • Cadencia Street between La Costa Avenue and just north of Del Rey Avenue 

The City Council approved spending $168,000 on the traffic calming measures, and work crews will begin installing them in the upcoming weeks. 

More information

John Kim, City Traffic Engineer: john.kim@carlsbadca.gov, 760-602-2757
Residential Traffic webpage
Residential Traffic Management Program

February 28, 2020