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News Updates

Bars, Nightclubs Closed

Governor Gavin Newsom has asked Californians 65 and older to stay home for now to avoid catching COVID-19 and told bars, wineries, pubs and nightclubs to close their doors. Other updates from a 2 p.m. news conference Sunday include:

Restaurants can stay open for now but should reduce number of people by half to keep distance.

Health care and assisted living homes now will limit visits to end of life situations only.

Critical to provide services and protect those most at risk, including those with underlying health conditions.

State to focus on getting homeless into shelters. Has secured hotel rooms.

About 85% of California school kids will not report back to school tomorrow 51% of CA school districts are temporarily closed.

Will need to help students who rely on free and reduced lunch programs, and those with special needs.

As more people are tested, number of cases will increase a lot. Will prioritize those most vulnerable.

State hopes/expects to open more hospitals/health care facilities (minimum 750 beds) in next few days.

New "directed guidance" for bars, night clubs, senior homes not enforced by law, likely won't be necessary. People have been complying well.

California is not one size fits all -- some cities have more spread than others. (Note: Community spread just starting in San Diego area).

Governor says California is in in a better position than most to weather a recession. Has run models showing it would not be as bas as the last one.

Reminder that for most healthy people under 65, effects of COVID-19 are “mild.” But need to protect those at risk by slowing spread.

Act as if you have COVID-19 when you are around seniors and others at risk. Take all possible precautions.

Parents with kids at home should maintain 6 foot social distance if getting together with others. Better to stay home for now.


March 15, 2020