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News Updates

Local Emergency Proclamation

At a special City Council meeting Tuesday, the Carlsbad City Council passed a resolution ratifying a declaration of local emergency, a step that will provide the city with more flexibility and greater access to resources as it responds to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Government Code section 8630 authorizes local agencies to proclaim a local emergency when certain conditions, such as a pandemic like COVID-19, require an emergency response. The proclamation empowers the city’s director of emergency services to seek all aid and assistance from local, county, state or federal agencies. The resolution was signed by the city manager March 16 but required ratification by the City Council. The proclamation will expire May 15 at 5 p.m. unless extended.

  • Since late January, the city has been actively preparing for the possible spread of COVID-19 into the local community.
  • On March 12 the city activated its Emergency Operations Center to help coordinate resources and the sharing of information with the community.
  • On March 16 the city temporarily suspended all in person non-emergency services following an order from the county health officer.
  • According to the county health officials, the goal is to practice “social distancing” to slow the spread of the pandemic so local hospitals can keep up with the number of cases, both in terms of beds and the availability of mechanical respirators required for many COVID-19 patients.

The community’s health and welfare remain the city’s top priority. The city has created a web page to keep the community informed, carlsbadca.gov/COVID19, and is regularly sharing updates via it social media channels.

March 17, 2020