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Village H South Update

City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to move forward with a hybrid concept plan for Village H South that will include an off-leash dog area while protecting sensitive habitat preserves and providing for wildlife movement. 

The hybrid plan was developed with Preserve Calavera over the past few months. It will include an approximate 1 acre enclosed off-leash dog area and a parking lot and restroom near the corner of Victoria Avenue and Carlsbad Village Drive. With this plan, the initial segment of the west side of the trail loop will be removed, but the rest of the trail loop will remain unchanged.

The area east of the off-leash dog area and trail will remain open space that the city will maintain through weed abatement and routine monitoring intended to allow native vegetation to remain. Staff recommended the hours of operation of the off-leash dog area to be from 8 a.m. to sunset, the same as the Ann D. L’Heureux dog park.

Two other options were offered to City Council for consideration, a staff concept plan and the option to not pursue an off-leash dog area on the property. Public input was gathered through a public workshop and online survey completed last summer and used to help develop the concept plans shared with City Council in December.

Next steps will include preparing a request for proposals for a planning and design firm to address the environmental review process, agency permitting, master plan amendment processing and the drafting of plans and specifications.

The City of Carlsbad took ownership of the 61-acre piece of Village H property, bisected at the corner of Carlsbad Village Drive and Victoria Lane, as part of a lawsuit settlement related to Preserve Calavera and the Quarry Creek housing project. Historically, when the property was privately owned, some community members used the trail as a place to walk with their dogs off-leash. A previous owner put up a fence, locked gate and installed no trespassing signs, but the public continued to use the property.

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April 17, 2020