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Touchless Crosswalk Signals

To help slow the spread of COVID-19, the City of Carlsbad implemented “no touch” crosswalk signal technology in April that automatically flashes the walk/don’t walk sign at intersections. Starting on Thursday morning, traffic signals at five additional intersections in Carlsbad will not require someone to push a button to cross, lessening the opportunity for virus spread.

The 17 intersections with touchless crosswalk signals were selected because they had the highest number of button pushes a day. The newest locations include:

  • Carlsbad Boulevard at Cannon Road
  • Carlsbad Boulevard at Poinsettia Lane
  • Carlsbad Boulevard at Island Way
  • Carlsbad Boulevard at Avenida Encinas
  • La Costa Avenue at Rancho Santa Fe Road

The city is using technology centralized in its traffic management center on Faraday Avenue to efficiently deploy the changes without additional costs. Additional intersections could be added, based on feedback and usage.

View a map of the locations with the touchless crosswalk signals.

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May 14, 2020