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News Updates

Protest Information

The City of Carlsbad is aware of potential protests in our city. We are closely monitoring all information, including threats of violence. We take all threats seriously and at this time expect only peaceful demonstrations. And, we have plans in place in the event that changes. Our goal is to maintain a safe environment for all.

Carlsbad Boulevard will be closed from Grande Avenue to Cannon Road on Saturday, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. to facilitate a safe environment for a planned protest.

Thank you all for sharing information about the recent social media post. The safety and security of the community should be everyone’s concern. We are aware of the video and messages, and we are actively investigating. While we cannot share information about an ongoing investigation, steps are being taken to assure that the community is safe and secure.

National Guard

Photos of tan military vehicles in Carlsbad have been widely shared online. Carlsbad has NOT called in the National Guard. The county sheriff has requested support from the National Guard, so they are in our region. We have not confirmed these vehicles in Carlsbad were from the National Guard. Remember, we are in the middle of several large military installations, and military vehicles routinely stop in Carlsbad for gas, food and other things.


Police departments across the country are being asked to adopt a set of eight policies that a group called Campaign Zero has found reduces excessive use of police force by 72%. Some social media posts say Carlsbad has only adopted two of the eight. In fact, with this week’s decision to halt the use of chokeholds, we have all eight policies in place. You can read more about this campaign and details about the eight policies here.

Importance of de-escalation

Not only does the Carlsbad Police Department have policies in place to prevent excessive force, we have taken a leadership role in the region for de-escalation policies and practices. 13 Carlsbad officers have been specially trained as crisis/hostage negotiators who may be deployed as needed to resolve incidents peacefully. The Police Department also has seven specially trained tactical communications instructors who provide state approved communication training to all officers.



June 6, 2020