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Veterans Park Master Plan

The City of Carlsbad has prepared a draft master plan for Veterans Memorial Park based on public input gathered at various points throughout the master planning process. Veterans Memorial Park will be located on 91.5 acres, near the intersection of Faraday Avenue and Cannon Road.

The park will be physically separated into two distinct areas (north and south) which transition through passive uses and open space to a prominent memorial element at the high point of the site.

The north side will be accessed via a primary park entrance on Faraday Avenue and via a neighborhood trail on Whitman Way. Access to the south side of the park will be located near the underpass at Faraday Avenue. The draft master plan includes the following features at the park:

North Side

  • Parking lot for 64 vehicles, EV charging stations and drop-off area
  • A memorial plaza with shaded pavilions and public art display
  • Building with a catering support room, storage and restrooms
  • Large community gathering area
  • Large inclusive playground, tucked away from the memorial plaza
  • Family and group picnic areas
  • Open lawn
  • Accessible pathway to prominent memorial art feature at the upper plateau

Vista Terraces/Upper Plateau

  • Accessible winding pathway
  • Rocky stair climb to upper plateau
  • Individual seating areas
  • Rustic, nature-inspired playground
  • Group exercise areas
  • Family picnic areas
  • Native and interpretive gardens
  • Prominent memorial art feature
  • Views of the lagoon, ocean and golf course

South Side

  • Parking lot for 39 vehicles and drop-off area
  • Playground for young children
  • Small building with restrooms and storage
  • Four-acre family-oriented bike park with spectator seating nearby and nature inspired features
  • Large shaded plaza near entrance to the bike park for group picnicking and recreation programs
  • Outdoor fitness areas for all ages with an obstacle course and exercise stations
  • Outdoor education area
  • Accessible pathway to prominent memorial art feature at the upper plateau

Visitors will have access to a perimeter trail outside the park to enjoy a hike. A multi-use trail, which will be part of the citywide trail network connecting to other city trails and to Twain Avenue, will be separated from park amenities, allowing for typical trails’ recreation including hiking, jogging, biking and dogs on leash.

Next Steps
Staff will address the remaining components of the master planning process and return to the City Council in early 2021 for consideration of adopting the completed Veterans Memorial Plan. The city’s Cultural Arts Department will conduct outreach for the public art and memorial components.

More Information

July 27, 2020