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City Raises Awareness of Water Safety

Did you know drowning accidents are a leading cause of injury and deaths among children under 5? Often without splashing or any other signs of trouble, a child can drown in mere moments – the time it takes to answer the phone or simply look away from the pool.

Water Watchers is a program promoted by the City of Carlsbad Fire Department to help prevent drowning. Tips include: 

  • Assign an adult water watcher to supervise children, and commit to keeping a constant eye on children in a pool or spa, especially during social gatherings – this person wears a water watcher lanyard and is focused on watching the children at all times.
  • Look in the pool/spa area first if a child is missing
  • Remind children of pool and spa safety, including no running, pushing or jumping on playmates in or near the water and no diving or jumping into shallow water
  • Teach children how to be safe in the water by taking swimming lessons. The city’s Parks & Recreation Department offers individual and group lessons for all ages. Register at http://www.carlsbadconnect.org.
  • Remember, children are at risk from small wading pools, bathtubs, buckets, diaper pails, and toilets as well swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. For more tips, search for “water watchers” on the city’s website.

Visit any City of Carlsbad fire station to pick up a free Water Watchers packet, which includes a lanyard to be worn by the adult responsible for watching swimmers.

For more information
Linda Allington, EMS manager, 760-931-2175

June 16, 2015