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Hub Park Lease

What Is it? 

  • "Hub Park" is a 96 acre property owned by SDG&E on the south shore of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon.
  • SDG&E entered into a lease agreement with the City of Carlsbad for this property as mitigation for a power plant expansion and an oil refinery proposed by SDG&E in the 1970s. The controversial oil refinery project was never built, but the Hub Park lease was still executed in 1975.
  • The City Council considered options for the future of this property at its June 22, 2016, meeting.
  • See the City Council presentation from staff or watch a video of the entire meeting, including community comments and presentations.

Why People Are Talking About it

  • Some community members want the city to open up the leased area to the public so they can enjoy it.
  • The land has a lot of constraints (sensitive habitat areas, no land that fronts the street for public access, no place to park, etc.)
  • It's possible to explore options with the land owner (SDG&E) to get street access and to work around the other constraints. 
  • The city's Trails Master Plan will include this property and how it could connect to other trails in the future.  

Lease Area

Lease Area Showing Constraints

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