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Each year, the City of Carlsbad invests in projects to maintain and improve basic infrastructure, like streets, water and sewer pipes, curbs, gutters and sidewalks, and drainage systems. These projects are included in the Capital Improvement Program. Here is a description of some current city projects underway.

El Camino Real Improvements  A number of projects are underway to improve El Camino Real, including widening the street, adding landscaped medians, adding sidewalks and widening bike lanes.

Recycled Water System Expansion  The City of Carlsbad is helping address long-term drought concerns by expanding its recycled water program, which will help conserve water by reducing the city’s demand on San Diego County’s limited drinking water supply.

Grand Avenue Improvements  Several projects are underway in the Village along Grand Avenue, including drainage improvements, replacing old water main valves, installing new electrical conduit, replacing old street light poles and installing fiber-optic cable.

Street Paving  Each year, the city repaves streets to ensure they are well maintained, safe and smooth. Depending on the condition, streets receive a new protective seal or are ground down and repaved.

Construction Complaints

If you have questions or concerns about a construction project, please call us.