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Permits, Applications, Forms

This is a comprehensive listing of application forms, submittal checklists and counter handouts related to the preparation and processing of building and development projects.

New to the process? Read our building guides for homeowners and developers.

Description Form No. Requirements Other Reqs
Adjustment plat E-23 E-1
Administrative variance P-1 P-4
Apportionment of assessment E-20
Blasting permit E-22
Building plan change B-15
Burial depths for yard piping B-12
Certificate of compliance for lot legality E-23 E-2
Certificate of correction E-23 E-3 C of C
Circulation impact analysis SD-1
Climate Action Plan Checklist P-30  P-31  
Coastal development permit P-1 P-2
Coastal development permit supplemental application P-1 P-7
Commercial building permit  B-1(Com)     
Conditional use permit P-1 P-2
Consistency determination P-16
Construction change (grading or improvement) E-4
Covenant of easement E-23 E-5
Credit card authorization B-29
Day care center minor conditional use permit P-1 P-8
Demolition permit B-9
Disclosure statement P-1(A)
Development Project Public Involvement P-21
Easement dedication E-23 E-5
Easement vacation E-23 E-13 Notice
Encroachment agreement E-23 E-6
Engineering plancheck - master application form E-23
Environmental Impact Assessment P-1 P-1(D)
Equipment screening Screen
Fats, oil and grease B-11
Fee estimate Fee
Final map E-23 E-7 DS, APN
Food carts and kiosks information sheet P-19
General plan amendment P-1 P-3
Grading permit E-24
Grading plancheck E-23 E-8 DS
Habitat management plan permit - minor P-1 P-17
Habitat management plan permit - major P-1 P-18
Haul route permit E-25
Hazardous materials questionnaire HM-9171
Hazardous waste statement P-1(C)
Hillside development permits P-1 P-5
Housing tracking form  P-20     
Improvement plancheck E-23 E-9 DS
Land use review permit - master application form P-1
Large family day care permit P-1 P-9
Local coastal program amendment P-1 P-3
Manufactured homes HCD 538
Master plans and amendment P-1 P-3
Minor coastal development permit/single family residence P-6
Minor grading permit E-8(A)     
Modified sign program P-11(D)     
Oversize load permit E-26
P, E & M worksheet B-18
Parcel map E-23 E-7 APN
Planned development permit P-1 P-2
Planning Commission determination P-1 P-2
Precise development plan P-1 P-2
Preliminary review P-14
Project description/location P-1(B)
Quitclaim E-23 E-10
Recreational vehicle administrative variance P-1 P-12
Redevelopment permit P-1 P-2
Re-roof permit B-10
Residential building permit B-1(Res)  B-5   
Residential construction B-5
Residential decks B-4
Residential patios B-2
Residential stairs B-3
Retaining wall B-7
Reversion to acreage E-23
Right-of-way permit (contractor) E-11
Right-of-way use E-12 E-12A
Satellite antenna permit P-1 P-13
Securities and agreements E-17 E-18
Security and agreement for Minor Grading      E-18(A)
Sign permit P-11
Site development plan P-1 P-2
Special use permit P-1 P-2
Specific Plan P-1 P-3
Standard Project Requirement Checklist      E-36
Storm water Determination of SWPPP Tier and Threat Level      E-32
Storm water Low Impact Development (LID) LID
Storm water Quality Management Plan (SWQMP) Template E-35
Storm water standards questionnaire E-34
Storm water Tier 1 SWPPP Template      E-29
Street vacation E-23 E-13 Notice
Structure relocation permit P-1 P-2
Substantial conformance E-23 E-14
Swimming pool and spa permit B-21
Temporary sales location P-22
Temporary Non-Commercial Sign Permit


Temporary Non-Commercial Sign Permit Posting Rules P-11(B)    
Tenant improvement permit B-1(Com) B-6
Tentative parcel map P-1 P-2
Tentative parcel map extension P-1
Tentative tract map P-1 P-2
Tentative tract map extension P-1
Variance P-1 P-4
Water meter permit E-27
Water/sewer connection permit E-28
Will Serve Notice for Water/Sewer/Recycled Water     Notice
Zone change P-1 P-3
Zone code amendment P-1 P-3