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Getting Started

Before you start a building or remodeling project, check in with the city’s development review staff at the Faraday Center, 1635 Faraday Ave., 760-602-2719 or email building@carlsbadca.gov.

DevelopersDevelopers Guide

  • Before submitting formal plans, developers can meet with city staff and discuss what types of approvals and permits are likely to be needed for the project.
  • If conceptual drawings are available, those can be helpful to focus the initial discussion.
  • City staff will provide written feedback to developers so they know what questions or concerns the city might have about their proposed project.
  • It is in the developer’s interest to know from the beginning of the process what the requirements are to pass final inspection and receive their occupancy permit.
  • In some cases, the requirements will include elements not directly related to the residential or commercial structures, such as recreation facilities and landscaping or curbs, gutters or sidewalks.


City staff is available to help homeowners understand their rights and responsibilities when taking on building projects, including home remodeling and repairs. To begin the process, homeowners need to complete and submit a building permit application.  Select from this list of applications, forms and handouts.  If you have any questions regarding the process or the application, please call 760-602-2719, email building@carlsbadca.gov or stop by to talk with city staff before you start.