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Permitting Process

Project proponents must submit for and be issued one or more construction permits prior to initiation of construction activities. The type of activity will determine the type of construction permit(s) required.

Each permit request must be accompanied by a completed permit application form, required plans and documents and respective permit fee(s). City staff will review the application package for completeness and adherence to city codes, standards and permit requirements. Minor permit types may be issued across the counter if they are found to meet all city requirements. Major permit types will require more detailed review and may be circulated to various responsible city departments for review and comment. Applications will be returned for correction if the submittal package is incomplete or there are issues to resolve. Once all corrections are made, the permit(s) are issued.

Depending on the type of permit issued, the applicant will either be handed the permit across the counter or will receive the permit during the preconstruction meeting with the assigned project inspector held on the project site. Most projects will require inspection by city staff. Inspection requirements are detailed more thoroughly on the permit issued by the city.

The size, scope and location of a proposed project determines the type and number of permits required. Small home improvement projects may need only one permit while large residential, commercial or industrial projects may need multiple permits and pass through all or most all of the city permitting processes. Projects located within or adjacent to specially designated areas such as the coastal zone, redevelopment area, airport influence area, scenic corridors, special overlay zone or habitat management plan areas may require special supplemental permits.

The city has produced a series of flowcharts to graphically represent the various Building and Development permitting stages as follows:

  • Development process - Simple overview
  • Development process - Expanded overview