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Artwork at Pine Avenue Community Park

At its April 25, 2017, meeting, the City Council approved artist Jenna Didier's design concept for new artwork at Pine Avenue Community Park. The $110,000 artwork is part of the city's Art in Public Places program, which was the first public art program established in San Diego County. 

Summary of meetings
Sept. 12, 2016
Public Workshop
Nov. 3, 2016
Art Advisory Committee Meeting
Dec. 1, 2016
Art Advisory Committee Meeting
Dec. 3, 2016
Public Workshop 
Feb. 13, 2017  Review by Parks & Recreation Commission
March 2, 2017
Review by Arts Commission

Rendering of Artwork in Daytime

Draft Site Plan for Artwork

Rendering of Artwork at Night 

Artwork Front and Side Elevations 

About the Artist

The City of Carlsbad's Public Art Advisory Committee for Pine Avenue Community Park selected artist Jenna Didier to complete the design of the artwork for the park.

  • Didier's specializes in creating artwork for public spaces.
  • Didier draws her inspiration from all aspects of the public space, including those who use it, its surrounding environment and nearby infrastructure.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact Karen McGuire at 760-602-2022 or Karen.mcguire@carlsbadca.gov.