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Virtual Three-Part Art 2020-21

This free, multi-part arts educational program is designed to provide arts education experiences for K-12 grade levels, themed to current exhibits in the William D. Cannon Art Gallery. 

For the 2020-21 school year, Three-Part Art for the Four Visions: A Celebration of the Year of the Woman (Oct. 6 - March 7) exhibit will be a virtual experience that hosts a scheduled live virtual gallery tour with a Question and Answer session and an option to utilize a pre-recorded gallery tour, with pre-recorded arts instruction for either option.

For the Material Pulses: Seven Viewpoints (April 6 - May 25) exhibit, we will be offering a “mini version of Three-Part Art”, with a pre-recorded gallery tour option with Karen McGuire, Curator of Exhibitions, a ZOOM session featuring both a live mini-tour and live art project instruction and free art kits to accompany the live session.

How Do Teachers Participate and Register?

Reserve a space for a live mini gallery tour with live arts instruction in the pink Library & Cultural Arts tab at (number of art kits will be based on how many students are in each class, as indicated during the registration process, and be delivered to school offices): carlsbadconnect.org

  • Class registration is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Mini Three-Part Art will host live mini gallery tours with live arts instruction in the same Zoom session. These sessions will be offered on:
  1. April 19 (1 p.m.)
  2. April 27 (10 a.m.)
  3. May 5 (10 a.m.)
  • Each session can accommodate three classes.
  • Mini Three-Part Art will be hosted virtually on Zoom by Arts Education arts instructors.
  • This program is presented by the City of Carlsbad’s Cultural Arts Office.

What Are The Three Parts?


A pre-visit pre-recorded gallery tour with Karen McGuire, Curator of Exhibitions, can be utilized prior to the live mini virtual gallery tour with arts instruction to prepare students for their virtual experience in the gallery.


Teachers schedule and attend a live mini gallery tour with live arts instruction, where their class will take a mini virtual tour that will highlight several inspirational art pieces. Students will receive arts instruction for the art kit project and participate in a live chat afterwards, as part of a Question and Answer session. 


A post-visit writing lesson is provided in the art kit along with discussion topics that can be used to engage with students after the live mini gallery tour with arts instruction. 

****All students will be provided with an Art Kit in order to participate in the art projects for two lessons (main art project and post-visit writing prompt), relating to the current exhibit, at home or in the classroom.


Contact Laurette Garner at laurette.garner@carlsbadca.gov

Current Exhibit in the Cannon Art Gallery & Three-Part Art

Material Pulses: Seven Viewpoints    


From left: Denise L. Roberts, Mitote #10; Barb Wills, Land Marks’; Christine Mauersberger, Momentum; Jayne Willoughby, Veiled Connection (Side B)

  • MINI THREE-PART ART: Zoom sessions will accommodate three classes for each date:
  1. April 19 (1 p.m.)
  2. April 27 (10 a.m.)
  3. May 5 (10 a.m.)
  • REGISTRATION BEGINS: Monday, March 15, 2021
  • EXHIBITION DATES: April 6 - May 25, 2021

Material Pulses: Seven Viewpoints, an exhibition focused on the art of quilt-making, presents seventeen works by seven fiber artists representing the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Curated by internationally renowned artist and teacher Nancy Crow, Material Pulses contributes to the dialogue of contemporary textile arts. 

The exhibition features quilts, mixed media, and installation work. Quilts of up to 101 inches high will be featured, for dramatic scale of an art form that is often relegated to its functional qualities. The artists investigate color, pattern, and size through traditional and experimental quilt-making applications. The curator balances a focus on shapes with oversized works, exploring excellence in machine quilting and surface design.

The exhibition artists are Denise L. Roberts, Albright, WV; Claire Benn, Surrey, England; Jayne Willoughby, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Mary Lou Alexander, Hubbard, OH; Christine Mauersberger, Cleveland, OH; Barb Wills, Prescott, AZ; and Elizabeth Brandt, Holland, MI.

Previous Virtual Three-Part Art Materials

Four Visions: A Celebration of the Year of the Woman

Three-Part Art Flyer for Four Visions

Pre-Tour Lesson (1)

Main Lesson (2)

  • Pre-Recorded Gallery Tour:


Arts Education Gallery Tour with Arts Instructor, Michelle Kaskovich (left), Gallery Tour with Curator of Exhibitions, Karen McGuire (right)

  • Art lesson instructions

Post-Tour Lesson (3)

Edges Frayed

 Teacher’s Guide Materials:

Ansel Adams: Early Works

Teacher’s Guide Materials: