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Guest Artist Residencies: Visual Arts

The City of Carlsbad will postpone or cancel public events and programs until further notice to support the County of San Diego’s public health order.

Edges Frayed Workshops

Through this series of workshops, learn to create lovely at-home embroidery artworks through three pre-recorded workshops with easy-to-follow instructions. Lessons are created by local professional artists Bhavna Mehta, Michelle Montjoy and Irma Sofia Poeter as part of the William D. Cannon Gallery exhibit, Edges Frayed. These interactive lessons are suitable for adults and students ages 10 and up, no experience needed.

Embroidery on Postcards with Bhavna Mehta

Workshop video

Use embroidery to enhance a story, add pattern, a flash of texture or text to a postcard. In this workshop we will combine paper and thread to extend the image on a postcard.

Bhavna’s Supply List

  • Postcard, Old photograph, Magazine photos (use what you have! Anything with thick enough paper to embroider upon!)
  • Basic sewing thread
  • Scissors
  • Needles
  • Embroidery thread (available in any craft store)
  • Awl (can use needle if you don’t have one)
  • Tape (double-sided used in video)

Embroider a Word with Michelle Montjoy

Workshop video

Using hankies, participants will embroider their favorite word, phrase, poem or sentence. With the meditative quality of embroidery to underscore one's connection to language and a re-interpretation of domestic craft, participants will learn various techniques to make their own emblematic hankie for wiping tears or pinning to the wall.

Michelle’s Supply List

  • Fabric (hankie, pillowcase, white cotton fabric, etc.)
  • White Paper (or Computer Paper with Printer, if available)
  • Tape
  • Pencil, or fabric marker if available
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Embroidery hoop, or pieces of cardboard and pins

Totally Textile Workshop with Irma Sofia Poeter

Workshop video

In this workshop we will paint and decorate a garment or a piece of fabric with other pieces of fabric to form a design. We will use simple embroidery techniques to embellish the worked piece.

This program is presented by the City of Carlsbad’s Cultural Arts Office.


Contact Curator of Exhibitions, Karen McGuire
karen.mcguire@carlsbadca.gov or (760) 602-2022