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Schulman Proposals

In 2005, the Carlsbad Library and Arts Foundation received a bequest from the estate of Robert H. Gartner, with the funds identified specifically for cultural programming in the Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium.

The City of Carlsbad encourages the submission of proposals by groups or individuals for programs to be presented in the Schulman Auditorium. The following guidelines and procedures are intended to help expedite the review of these submissions by insuring that each proposal is as complete as possible. If additional information or assistance is required, contact Jessica Padilla Bowen at 760-602-2024 or jessica.padillabowen@carlsbadca.gov


Programs for the Schulman Auditorium are scheduled in two different ways:

  1. Programs presented by the public via rental of the facility: Groups or individuals may apply to rent the Schulman Auditorium for their program. To rent the Schulman Auditorium (or the Gowland Meeting Room), go to online booking or call 760-602-2023.
  2. Programs presented with the involvement of the city's Library or Cultural Arts staff: If an individual or group is looking for some type of assistance or involvement from the city in order to present their program, they must submit a proposal to the Schulman Programming Committee for consideration. Download the program proposal form. Programs in this category may also be developed by staff proactively initiating proposals, some of which may include partnerships with outside groups or individuals.

Individuals or groups proposing a fundraiser will be directed to Category 1 rental of the facility.


A written program proposal must be submitted to the community arts coordinator before a program idea can be considered. Proposals should be sent via email to jessica.padillabowen@carlsbadca.gov or via mail to:

Community Relations Manager Jessica Padilla Bowen
City of Carlsbad
1775 Dove Lane
Carlsbad, CA 92011

This proposal is intended to communicate the program idea to the Schulman Programming Committee. The Schulman Programming Committee meets monthly and is composed of the community arts coordinator from the Cultural Arts Office, the library programs & venues coordinator from the Library, the city's cultural arts manager, the deputy library directors, and is chaired by the library & cultural arts director.  If additional expertise is needed to help gauge the quality or suitability of a proposed program, the appropriate experts are called upon for input. 

The proposal should be as clear and concise as possible. If the Schulman Programming Committee does not have enough information to make a sound decision about a proposal, or is unable to understand a proposal, it will be sent back for clarification.

  • If the Schulman Programming Committee decides to explore a proposal, a staff representative will be in contact to gather more information.
  • If the Schulman Programming Committee decides not to pursue a proposal, the Schulman Auditorium or the Gowland Meeting Room may still be rented by visiting online booking or calling 760-602-2055.

When to Submit a Proposal

Proposals may be submitted at any time. Ideally, program proposals will be submitted at least three months prior to initial program date. Expect a response within six weeks or less after submitting an initial proposal.

Program Proposal

A program proposal must include the following items. Please use the numbering system and the proposal application:

  1. Group or individual proposing program
  2. Contact person with mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address
  3. Proposed title of program
  4. Proposed date(s) and time(s) of program(s)
  5. Description of program, including short bios for performers and/or presenters and samples of your work.
  6. Target audience(s) and estimated attendance
  7. Programming goal (desired outcome of program)
  8. Rehearsal needs
  9. Preliminary program budget, request for funding and additional identified sources of funding
  10. Have you presented this program before? If so, note changes from past program, what level of funding was budgeted for the previous program, and what was the audience attendance.
  11. Will this program be free? If not, what admission fee is planned?


In addition to being guided by the artistic vision statement, the Schulman Programming Committee considers a number of other variables when selecting programs for the Schulman, including but not limited to:

  • Budget issues: cost of organizing, presenting or sponsoring a program
  • Impact on Community Relations staff who provide logistical and technical support for Schulman programs
  • Impact on the Library and Cultural Arts Office programming staff
  • Scheduling issues, including availability of performers and writers
  • Consideration of the artistic vision goals over a broader two- to three-year period
  • Staff expertise
  • Cultural diversity
  • Suitability of programs for family viewing
  • Awareness of other programs being presented (or planned) in the auditorium through the facility rental process
  • Awareness of other programs being presented in the region