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City Budget

The City of Carlsbad operates on a July to June fiscal year. The city budget has two main sections, the Operating Budget, which covers the day to day work of the city, like providing police and fire services, libraries, parks and recreation, and other core services, and the Capital Improvement Program, which covers major construction projects.

FY 2019-20 Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program

FY 19-20 Operating Budget & Capital Improvement Program (Flipbook)

FY 19-20 Operating Budget & Capital Improvement Program (PDF)

FY 19-20 Budget at a Glance

FY 19-20 Budget Presentation

Public Input 

The public is encouraged to share their priorities with the City Council throughout the year. This can be done in writing or by speaking during the public comment portion of the City Council agenda. The annual budget is reviewed and approved during a series of meetings each spring. You can sign up to be notified of City Council meetings and get agendas and staff reports via email.

FY 19-20 Budget public input summary