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Financial Reports

The City of Carlsbad's Finance Department prepares a monthly financial status report. The majority of the report focuses on the City of Carlsbad's largest and most discretionary fund (the General Fund). Revenues and expenditures are compared to the previous fiscal year as well as the monthly financial status report expectations. In addition, the financial status of the water and wastewater enterprises and the Village Project Area of the Redevelopment Agency are included.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

State law and the city's Municipal Code require an Annual Financial Report be prepared.  It has been prepared in conformity with General Accepted Principles (GAAP) and with the financial reporting requirements prescribed by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).  The information found in this Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is provided by management to the City Council and the public to assist those interested in understanding the fiscal condition of the city for each fiscal year.