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Fire Station 2

Fire Station 2, (Proj. No. 4060) located just east of El Camino Real by the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, is about 50 years old and one of the older fire stations in Carlsbad. Constructed in 1969 for one full-time firefighter and a yearly call volume of less than 250, Fire Station 2 today maintains a staff of five full-time firefighters and responds to approximately 4,000 calls a year. 

The station, which was originally designed to house fire apparatus built in the 1960's, is too small to house the fire apparatus currently used by Public Safety staff. Inadequate storage for crucial equipment is a concern at this facility, including fire hose, firefighting apparel, and medical supplies. In addition, the station lacks the fire separation required by the current building code between the apparatus parking area, the working and living spaces, and the medical equipment supplies.

The City of Carlsbad has hired SchneiderCM, Inc., to provide construction management services during the design and rebuilding of Fire Station 2. Construction is expected to start in 2019 and take a little over a year to complete. Although the design work is still at the conceptual stage, some key decisions have been made, such as keeping the station at its current location. The focus of the design work is to balance function with an appearance that fits in with the residential neighborhood.

“We are looking at a two-story station design that makes very efficient use of the space so that we can remain within the city owned land,” said Mike Lopez, Fire Division Chief.  “This will save taxpayer money since we won’t have to purchase any new property.” 

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Questions and Answers

How will the Fire Department cover the Fire Station 2 service area while the station is under construction?
We will most likely put trailers at a nearby location to house firefighter/paramedics

Do the limitations of the current Fire Station 2 pose a safety concern to the surrounding area?
No. the City of Carlsbad Fire Department can perform its necessary functions from Fire Station 2. The new station will enable more efficient operations and better storage of materials and equipment. It will also better accommodate staff assigned to the station.

How much will the new station cost?
In November 2016, 71 percent of Carlsbad voters approved Measure O, which authorized spending between $7.5 million and $10.5 million of existing general fund money to rebuild Fire Station 2. Under a law passed by voters in 1982, the City of Carlsbad may not spend more than $1 million in general fund money to purchase or improve city property without first getting voter approval. See what the fire station looks like today. 

How will construction affect the neighborhood?
The City of Carlsbad Fire Department is committed to being a good neighbor. We’ll do everything we can to keep construction noise, traffic and other inconveniences to a minimum and work with the community to help ensure the design of the new station fits in with the surrounding environment and architectural style. 


Steven Stewart, Municipal Project Manager, steven.stewart@carlsbadca.gov, 760-602-7543