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Hotel & Motel Fire Safety

When traveling away from home, it is important to know survival actions in case there is a fire in the hotel or motel.

When you Arrive

  • If staying in a facility without smoke alarms or sprinklers, request a room on the first or second floor.
  • Immediately read the fire safety information that is usually posted near or on the back of the entry door. As at home, plan an escape ahead of time.
  • Locate the two exits nearest the room.
  • Make sure the fire exit doors work and are unlocked.
  • Locate the nearest fire alarm and read the operating instructions.
  • In a real fire, the hallway may become dark and filled with smoke, so count the number of doors from the room to each exit.
  • Keep the room key and a flashlight near the bed.

If you Suspect a Fire

  • Don't go back to sleep, investigate.
  • If there is fire or smoke, call the hotel desk and the fire department immediately.
  • Tell the person who answers the phone the room number.
  • Check the door with the back of hand. If it is cool, slowly open the door and exit. If the door is hot or warm, leave it closed and stay in the room.
  • Fill the bathtub with water. Place wet towels or sheets into cracks around the door to keep smoke out. Call the fire department and report being trapped ia hotel room and provide the room number.
  • If the door is not hot and the hallway not smoky, go to the closest fire exit. Be sure to take the room key.
  • Smoke rises, so if smoke is encountered, crawl to the fire exit. Cover nose and mouth with a wet cloth. As exiting, pull the nearest fire alarm to warn other occupants, and then leave the building.
  • If stairs are unavailable, try going up to the roof.
  • On the roof, attract the attention of the firemen.