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Vegetation Management

Brush, Weeds & Vegetation

  • Remove brush and weeds within 60 feet of structures,
  • Re-landscape with low fire resistive plants, such as ground covers that do not transmit fire rapidly. "Specimen native shrubs" may be retained if they are trimmed and maintained free of all dead wood, duff, dry leaves and debris.
  • For more information on fire resistant landscaping techniques and requirements refer to the City of Carlsbad's Landscape Manual available in the City of Carlsbad library's reference section.

Note: Prior to removing brush or weeds, contact the Planning Department to ensure that environmentally sensitive areas regulated by State and Federal laws, are not being removed.

Hillside Clearing & Fire Protection Planting

  • Trees and shrubs should be trimmed away from buildings and chimneys.
  • Remove dead leaves and pine needles from roofs and rain gutters.
  • Keep property free of accumulated combustibles such as dried vegetation, cuttings and wood piles.
  • Roads and driveways should be well cleared of trees and brush to permit access for fire equipment.
  • Make sure house address is clearly marked and visible with a contrasting background.
  • If concerned about fire-prone brush near the home, please call the City of Carlsbad Fire Department. Brush removal or other mitigation measures may be necessary.

No Burning of Trimmings & Cuttings

  • No open burning of yard waste, trimmings or cuttings is allowed in Carlsbad except for agricultural purposes. An agricultural burn permit can be obtained by contacting the Carlsbad Fire Department.
  • Each year the Carlsbad Fire Department inspects over 400 parcels for abatement of fire prone brush and grasses.
  • Property owners are notified in April of each year to clear their parcels, with most complying by a May 15 deadline. After May 15, the Fire Department identifies any non-complying parcels and causes them to be brought into compliance by a city contractor within the next two months.
  • The cost of clearing any non-complying property is then placed on the parcel owner's property tax bill.