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HomeShare Program

The City of Carlsbad Housing and Neighborhood Services department has partnered with ElderHelp to bring their HomeShare program to Carlsbad residents. ElderHelp, a nonprofit organization with over 25 years of success in operating a shared housing program will provide alternative housing solutions to Carlsbad residents of all ages who seek affordable housing accommodations. 

What is the HomeShare Program?

The HomeShare program connects those who want to share their homes with others looking for alternative housing—an innovative solution to Carlsbad’s shortage of affordable living options.

Participants include independent older adults or couples, working professionals, and students seeking affordable housing. HomeShare helps to facilitate shared living agreements where a private bedroom and shared use of common areas is exchanged for rent, household services or a combination of both. ElderHelp maintains each agreement with ongoing support to ensure stable living environments and long-lasting relationships.

The HomeShare program is possible thanks to a partnership between the City of Carlsbad and ElderHelp. 

Program eligibility

Home Provider Eligibility

  • You are interested in having a housemate and are agreeable to sharing common areas (kitchen, living room, etc.).
  • You are able to self-advocate.
  • You must provide for your own personal care needs, or have other help in place to assist with these needs.
  • You do not need 24 hour care or assistance.
  • Your home will be assessed to make sure it is a good fit for a housemate.
  • You must have a private bedroom for you and your housemate.

Home Seeker Eligibility

  • You are interested in sharing a home with another person.
  • You are able to meet your own medical needs and advocate for yourself.
  • You have a valid phone and address where you can be reached.
  • You must have a source of income, show proof of income upon enrollment into the program, and demonstrate your ability to meet your own living expenses (food, transportation, etc.).
  • Submit to a criminal background check.
  • Have valid photo ID and social security number.

Read more about the program

Onsite program office hours: 

Carlsbad Senior Center 
799 Pine Ave, Carlsbad, CA 92008
Mondays, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Fridays, 8 a.m. – noon

For more information contact: 

Dana Vacante-Garcia
HomeShare Coordinator
Phone: 858-748-9675
Email: dvacante@elderhelpofsandiego.org