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Redevelopment & Housing Successors

As required by state legislation, the Carlsbad Redevelopment Agency was dissolved as of Feb. 1, 2012. While the Agency no longer exists, the Successor Agencies (City of Carlsbad) and Carlsbad Housing Authority have assumed responsibility for administering enforceable obligations of the RDA (including administration of housing loans and other obligations), completing existing projects and ultimately to wind down RDA operations over time.

  • Successor Agencies
    On Jan. 10, 2012, the Housing and Redevelopment Commission and City Council approved the City of Carlsbad as the Successor Agency for the Carlsbad Redevelopment Agency. The Carlsbad Authority will assume responsibility for the housing functions of the previous RDA as the Successor Housing Agency.  Housing & Neighborhood service staff provide assistance to the Oversight Board & Successor Agencies.
  • Recognized Obligation Payment Schedules
    The Successor Agency to the Carlsbad Redevelopment Agency has approved the following reports:

Please contact Housing & Neighborhood Services staff at 760-434-2815.  If you have questions regarding dissolution of the Redevelopment Agency and other related matters, including the required reports noted above.