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Specifications & Photos

Two Carlsbad City Library facilities, the George and Patricia Gowland Meeting Room and Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium, are available for rental. Both are located at the Carlsbad City Library, 1775 Dove Lane, in southern Carlsbad.

Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium

  • Audience area: 52' x 42'­, 2,184 square feet.
  • Seating: 215 fixed seats (continental style) on sloped floor, capable of four wheelchair spaces.
  • Lighting: Ten 575-watt ellipsoidal stage lights and dimming house lights.
  • Sound: EAW speakers 5.1 surround with Crown amplifiers.
  • Stage: 29' front width, 23.5' back width, 13' depth, proscenium height 13'8".
  • Loading door: Single 4' x 7' door at stage left. Access is on the south side of library. Note: There are three steps down to stage level from the loading door.

George & Patricia Gowland Meeting Room

  • Dimensions: 24' x 43', 1,032 square feet.
  • Seating: 67-person capacity.
  • Lighting: Adjustable fluorescent lighting.
  • Sound: Ceiling-mounted speakers.
  • Other: A kitchenette is available for preparing simple refreshments.