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Fire education

One of the highlights of the school year for any elementary class is a visit by a local firefighter for story time, or better yet, a trip to the fire station itself. With schools closed and strict social distancing guidelines in place, it will be a long time before either of those things can happen again — in person, anyway.

But, thanks to technology firefighters are can now offering virtual tours of local fire departments, and even story time, to engage children and families in the comfort of their own homes.In these virtual tours, firefighters or “tour guides” explain how equipment carried on the apparatus functions and what each firefighter’s duty is when responding to emergency incidents. Firefighters also read aloud picture books of their choosing for children watching at home.


Take a Virtual Tour of a Fire Engine with Fire Engineer Matt Strikwerda. Get an inside glimpse of a fire engine and learn about all of the equipment used in an emergency. Fire Engineer Matt Strikwerda shares about his job as a firefighter and show all of their necessary gear to keep him safe.

It’s Firefighter Story Time with Carlsbad’s paramedic firefighter, Andy Spear! Grab your little one and listen in as he reads the children’s book, Just Me and My Little Brother by author and illustrator, Mercer Mayer. 

It’s time for another Firefighter Story Time with Carlsbad’s Fire Captain, Jon Wilton! Grab your little one and listen in as he reads the children’s book, What Does It Mean to Be Kind? by Rana DiOrio.

Take a behind the scenes tour of one of Carlsbad’s fire stations with Paramedic Firefighter AJ Faringhy! Check out where the firefighters sleep, eat, stay fit and where they keep their personal protection equipment to keep them safe.

It’s Firefighter Story Time with Carlsbad’s Paramedic Firefighter, Nick Vosdoganes. He’s going to read the children’s book, Celebrating Patriotic Holidays: Honoring America by author Joel Kupperstein. 

Are your kiddos ready for Kindergarten? Watch this episode of Firefighter Story Time with Carlsbad’s Paramedic Firefighter, Jordan Garcia. He’s going to read the children’s book, Kindergarten is Cool by author Linda Elovitz Marshall.