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Veterans Memorial Park

The City of Carlsbad is developing a master plan for its next community park. Veterans Memorial Park is located on 91.5 acres, near the intersection of Faraday Avenue and Cannon Road. The first step in the master planning process is to get input on the community’s values, needs and priorities for the park.


Public Input Process

The city held a community workshop and tour on March 9, followed by an online survey from March 9 - 23. Based on this input, the project team developed two concepts for the park's design. 

The city held a second public workshop on Sept. 21, followed by an online survey from Sept. 22 - Oct. 6. Based on this input, the project team will develop a final concept for the park's design.

Questions About Input

Some community members have asked how the team prioritized the ideas shared. For example, was the input of Carlsbad residents given more weight than comments from people who live in other parts of the county? Or, did the team place a higher level of importance on comments that were mentioned more frequently?

The city's goal during the initial phase of planning was to gather input from a broad range of perspectives. The information collected is considered qualitative (descriptive) in nature, rather than statistically representative. The resulting input summary focuses on overall themes. Any ideas that came up more frequently were noted, with the understanding that the ideas represented those who decided to provide input, not necessarily the entire Carlsbad community.

While all input provided was considered, the project team identified the locations of the input gathered and differentiated input from sources within the city from those outside of Carlsbad. One of the city's ultimate goals is to provide a park that serves the needs of Carlsbad residents and the community as a whole. 

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