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Additional Resources for Carrillo Ranch

Discover Carlsbad – Leo Carrillo Ranch – An overview of this City of Carlsbad park, this 1 minute film is a brief overview of the activities available at the ranch.

Visitor Guides  - Offered in both English and Spanish, our Visitor Guide will help you plan for your future visit to the park.

Peacock Information – Leo Carrillo originally brought peafowl to the Ranch because he loved their beauty was amused by their proud behavior. There are still feral birds that call the Park and surrounding neighborhoods home.

Botanical Guide – Offered in both English and Spanish, learn about 15 of the most iconic plants at Leo Carrillo Ranch.

2019 Plant List – This is an extensive list of the 105 plants identified at Leo Carrillo Ranch in 2019 by dedicated Docents, Pat Linton and Mike Blanco, PH.D. 

Recent Park Improvements – Stay up to date on the most recent work that has been done to maintain and improve this beautiful historic park for current visitors and future generations.

The Cisco Kid – Enjoy episodes of the series that made Leo Carrillo a household name in the 1950’s. Join Cisco and Pancho (Leo) on their adventures as good guy bandits.