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Hosp Grove Trails









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Surface: Unpaved; moderately hilly to steep
Length: 3.0 miles
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

Located in north Carlsbad, this trail is one of the most extensive in the citywide trail system. It winds through a huge grove of mature eucalyptus trees planted many years ago for the railroad industry with the intention for the wood to be used in the construction of rail lines. However, it was determined that the wood was inferior to other varieties and not harvested for that purpose. Years later the city acquired the property and it is now enjoyed by hikers, picnickers, and nature enthusiasts seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. The unpaved trail does climb to more than 100 feet in elevation and offers great views of the adjacent Buena Vista Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean.


Driving directions to the Hosp Grove trail heads:

Jefferson Street Trail Head
Take the I-5 to the Las Flores exit and head west on Las Flores to Jefferson Street. Turn right on Jefferson Street and continue on Jefferson for approximately a half mile. The Hosp Grove Park parking lot will be on the right.

Rotary Picnic Area and Trail Head (Monroe Street)
Take the I-5 to the Carlsbad Village exit and turn east on Carlsbad Village Drive to Monroe Street.
Turn left on Monroe Street and continue for approximately one mile.  Unpaved parking and a picnic area will be on the right.