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Old Rancho Santa Fe Road

Trail Surface: Paved and unpaved. The trail is paved north of Cadencia Street and unpaved south of Cadencia Street where the trail connects to public sidewalk near the intersection of new Rancho Santa Fe Road and La Costa Avenue.

Distance: 1 mile
Difficulty: Easy

Just as the name implies, this trail is actually an old road that has been recycled for trail use when the new Rancho Santa Fe Road alignment was constructed and completed in 2003. One of the least difficult trails in the Villages of La Costa, it affords linkages between the older neighborhoods of La Costa and the newly developed communities of the Village of La Costa’s The Oaks communities. The north end of the trail ends at Fire Station 6 which also affords a great view out to Batiquitos Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean. An interpretive sign at Fire Station 6 provides information on wild land fires and rests on the site of the Harmony Grove fires which swept thru the area in 1996.


To north trail head at Fire Station 6
I-5 to La Costa Avenue
La Costa Avenue east to Rancho Santa Fe Road (approximately 5.5 miles)
Left on Rancho Santa Fe Road to Fire Station 6 (approximately 2.5 miles)

Parking is also available at Cadencia Street, near Camino Junipero. Camino Junipero is located approximately 1 mile before the fire station. Turn left on Camino Junipero then left on Paseo Capuchina Turn left again on Cadencia Street. Pipe gates are located at the trail access on either side along Cadencia Street.