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Lake Calavera

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An Interview With The Lake Calavera Trail Captain

What's unique about this trail?
At one point, this was a volcano; it's now extinct. What's incredible about this property is the diverse plant and wildlife that's out here. The lake attracts birds you typically don't see in upland coastal sage scrub habitats, like egrets, herons, ducks and other water fowl.

What do you especially like about this trail?
It's one of the more extensive trail networks in Carlsbad, and it connects to other trails.

As the trail captain, how do you help maintain this trail?
I help stave off erosion or any kind of water damage by routinely checking all the trails. I trim bushes to keep the trails clear and at a minimum width. I've also donated plants to the park.

How can everyone help maintain this trail?
Keep dogs on leash, and pick up after your dogs. Please tote dog waste bags and other trash to the appropriate receptacle. Please notify the city's Parks & Recreation Department of any trail conditions that need attention.

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