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Below are links for the Planning Department's Land Use Review Application, submittal requirements and other miscellaneous permit applications.

At the time of submittal, the applicant is required to provide all applicable information requested along with associated filing fees found in the Development Fee Schedule. Incomplete submittals will not be accepted. Please call 760-602-2723 to schedule your submittal appointment.

Beginning March 5, 2018, new discretionary permit applications that are reviewed by the Planning Commission or City Council are subject to Council Policy No. 84 - Development Project Public Involvement. This policy is intended to ensure that applicants become aware of and consider input from interested and affected stakeholders prior to a public hearing by the city's decisions makers. The Development Project Public Involvement requirements of this policy replace and augment those of the prior Early Public Notice procedures. One notable procedural change is that the project applicant is now responsible for mailing out Notices of Project Application rather than the city. (However, public hearing and other legally-required notices will continue to be handled by the city, as before.)

For projects subject to Part B Enhanced Stakeholder Outreach, the applicant is responsible for providing outreach notifications to other interested persons who request such notifications. To facilitate initial communication between interested persons and project applicant, the city will publish applicant contact information in its Pending Planning Applications Report for those projects subject to the Part B Enhanced Stakeholder Outreach requirements.

The Environmental Information Form will be used to assist staff in determining what type of environmental documentation will be required to be prepared for your application, per the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and Title 19 of Carlsbad's Municipal Code. The clarity and accuracy of the information you provide is critical for purposes of quickly determining the specific environmental effects of your project.


Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Informational Bulletin
Appeal Form
Climate Action Plan Consistency Checklist
Coastal Development Permit Supplemental Requirements
Concurrent Permit Processing
Consistency Determination Submittal Procedures & Application
Day Care Center Minor Conditional Use Permit
Day Care Permit (Large Family)
Density Bonus Information Bulletin CD 12
Density Bonus Supplemental Checklist P-1(H)
Development Permits
Development Project Public Involvement
Disclosure Statement
EIA Information Form
Food Cart & Kiosks Information Sheet
Guaranteed 2nd Opinion & Project Issue Resolution
Guidance to Demonstrating Consistency with the Climate Action Plan
Habitat Management Plan Permit - Major
Habitat Management Plan Permit - Minor
Hazardous Waste & Substances Statement
Hillside Development Permits
Housing Tracking Form
Land Use Review Application
Legislative Permits
Minor Coastal Development Permit/Single Family Residence Application
Modified Sign Program
Nonconforming Construction Permit
Preliminary Review Submittal Procedures & Checklist
Private Property Permit (P3)
Project Description
Reasonable Accommodation
Recreational Vehicle (RV) Minor Variance
Review for Sign Permit
Review for Temporary Non-Commercial Sign Permit
Satellite Antenna Permit
SB 330 Streamline Application
Section 6409(a) - Modification Worksheet for Wireless Base Stations
Section 6409(a) Modification Worksheet for Wireless Towers on Private Property
Section 6409(a) Modification Worksheet for Wireless Towers or Base Stations in the Public Right-of-Way
Temporary Sales Location
Tentative Parcel Map Tenant Notification Statement
Tentative Parcel Map Waiver of Processing Time Limits
Time Limits on Discretionary Projects P-1(E)

Title Blocks

Approval Block - Drawing Zip Files
Approval Blocks PDF