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Landscape Plans

Landscape plans are required for certain projects subject to landscape standards or that receive a land use permit approval specifically requiring preparation and approval of landscape plans. Landscape plans must be approved prior to the issuance of a building permit or grading permit approval.

Landscape plans are submitted for review and approval at the planning division counter located at the City of Carlsbad Faraday Center office during normal working hours.  Please see the Development Fee Schedule for landscaping plancheck and inspection fees which are both due at time of submittal.

Applicants using or designing for recycled water must also submit a Recycled Water Plan Check Application form (County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health). There is a separate fee for the recycled plan check review. Both the plancheck form and fee (check made out to County of San Diego) are submitted together with the landscape application. The city will forward the plancheck and fee to the County of San Diego.