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Parking Study and Management Plan

In 2017, the City of Carlsbad finished a parking study and plan (parking management plan) for the Village, Barrio and nearby beach area to:

  • Make parking more convenient for community members, employees and visitors
  • Promote more efficient use of existing parking
  • Support future parking needs and mobility options
  • Explore options to make the project area more inviting for walkers, bicyclists and people who use public transportation
  • Support the vision outlined in the draft Village and Barrio Master Plan

Both the completed parking management plan and now-adopted Village and Barrio Master Plan call for annual parking monitoring.  In May 2018, the city completed an additional survey of Village, Barrio, and Beach Area parking to compare to data collected in May 2016 (presented in the parking management plan).  As the city completes additional surveys, the results will be provided here for review.

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For more information, contact Claudia Huerta, 760-602-4759 or claudia.huerta@carlsbadca.gov