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Village & Barrio Master Plan

The Village and Barrio are the historic heart of our city, representing Carlsbad’s past, character and culture. The Village and Barrio Master Plan sets forth a vision to honor the very best of these two neighborhoods while adapting to changing community, environmental and economic needs.

The Village and Barrio Master Plan also establishes the vision for the ideal future character and development of the two areas and sets forth the strategy or “roadmap” for achieving that vision. This plan has been developed in consultation with the Carlsbad community through an iterative process that began in 2013. It is an evolution of previous policies and guidelines for these areas, rather than an entirely new direction. 

The Village and Barrio Master Plan replaces the Carlsbad Village Master Plan and Design Manual, which was approved in 1995 and has been revised periodically since, most recently in 2017. In the Barrio, the new master plan also replaces General Plan land use designations, zoning designations and zoning standards.

Key Dates and Next Steps

Aug. 24, 2018:  Plan took effect, except for parts of the Village and Barrio that are in the Coastal Zone.

June 13, 2019: The California Coastal Commission provided conditional approval of the portions of the master plan in the Coastal Zone at a public hearing, pending City Council's acceptance of 23 modifications recommended by commission staff. 

June of 2019:  The Carlsbad Village Decorative Lighting Study was approved to support economic vitality in the Village with a placemaking and decorative lighting plan to enhance public safety, enrich the pedestrian experience and attract more people to area streets and businesses.

Aug. 20, 2019: City Council held a public hearing and voted to accept the 23 modifications suggested by the California Coastal Commission to the Village and Barrio Master Plan and Local Coastal Program. The City Council also asked staff to come back with a work plan and resourcing strategy for making potential changes to the plan in the future. These changes, if approved by the City Council, would then go through the same approval process as the original plan. In the meantime, the approved plan would remain in effect.

End of 2019: The plan will go one more time to the Coastal Commission to confirm the City Council's acceptance. After that, the plan will be approved in the Coastal Zone. Until then, property in the Coastal Zone remains under the Carlsbad Village Master Plan and Design Manual and other existing land use and zoning.


Master plan boundary comparisons 
Coastal Zone boundary 
Master plan details map 
Parcel by parcel land use information and maps 

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More Information

Scott Donnell, Senior Planner
760-602-4618 or scott.donnell@carlsbadca.gov.