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Police Canines

City of Carlsbad police canineThe City of Carlsbad Police Department’s canine program includes four active canines. Police canines provide a valuable service to the department by assisting in the location and apprehension of suspects and increasing officer safety. Using their keen sense of smell, police canines can not only detect human scent but also assist in the search for illegal narcotics. Often, simply the presence of a highly trained police dog is enough to deter a suspect from attempting to flee, fight or hide.  Currently, all of the dogs are Belgian Malinois but German Shepherds have been used in the past. Canines train rigorously on a regular basis with their handlers to maintain their skills. This training consists of a variety of scenarios that hone the skills of the canine teams and expose the teams to new environments they may encounter on the street. The canine teams also compete on a regular basis at police canine trials throughout Southern California. The competitions test teams’ abilities in obedience, agility, area search, building search, officer protection, and narcotics detection.