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Vacation Security

City of Carlsbad Police Department's Senior Volunteer Patrol coordinates vacation security consultations. Please call them at 760-931-2214 at least two weeks prior to leaving on vacation, to schedule a consultation. 

An empty house offers a target for an opportunist burglar. It is important to safeguard your home while on vacation: 

  • Protect valuables by engraving them with a California drivers license number. Record serial numbers and store them in a secure place
  • Conduct a last minute check of all doors and windows, ensuring they are properly secured
  • Place valuable jewelry in a safe deposit box or store it in an unusual location inside the home
  • Make sure no valuables can be seen through windows
  • Do not hide keys outside a home. Instead, leave keys with a trusted neighbor. Tell them vacation plans, leaving a number where to be reached in an emergency
  • Stop mail and newspaper delivery
  • Do not tell strangers about vacation plans
  • Turn down phone and answering machine so they cannot be heard
  • Turn off garage door opener and pad lock garage door from the inside
  • Put interior and exterior lights on timers to simulate activity. Put a radio on a timer to simulate noise
  • Consider having a trusted person housesit
  • Lock vehicles left behind. Remove valuables from them. Park them in the garage if available

For more tips to keep your home safe, visit the Home Security page.