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Recycled Water D-4 Reservoir

The City of Carlsbad is working to complete the third phase of its recycled water program, a critical step for conservation and sustainability. An important program component includes a new recycled water storage reservoir on a portion of a 4.5-acre Carlsbad Municipal Water District-owned property south of Poinsettia Lane, north of New Crest Court and east of Black Rail Road. A city reservoir site for nearly 40 years, it currently includes a recycled water pump station and three existing water reservoirs.

  • 1.5 million gallons
  • 85.5 feet in diameter
  • 40 feet high
  • Similar in size to existing smaller tanks on-site
  • Location APN 215-081-16-00

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Project feedback is welcome. Please submit an online comment form.

Current View / View with New Tank 


What’s Next

Expected to occur early next year, the City of Carlsbad Planning Commission and Council will review a city application for a conditional use (CUP 2020-0003) and coastal development permit (CDP 2020-021) to construct the new reservoir, which was studied and approved under the recycled water program. Project hearings will be publicly noticed. Construction timing will be firmed up following public hearings.

For More Information

Call 760-438-2722 or email Dave.Padilla@carlsbadca.gov

Project notice mailer Nov. 2020