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Rebates and Programs


 Green Business Network – City of Carlsbad  

  • The California Green Business Network helps small and medium sized business owners save money, improve employee wellness and productivity and receive recognition as environmental leaders by the City of Carlsbad.
  • Becoming certified as a Green Business Network in the City of Carlsbad gives business owners the tools to be more efficient, healthy and attract new customers.


Money Savers 

  • SDG&E’s Energy Upgrade California program is a way to make your home more comfortable by improving its energy efficiency. SDG&E works with trained contractors who assess your home and recommend upgrades for better energy performance. 
  • SDG&E's Reduce Your Use Rewards offer pays you for saving energy on days of high demand. 
  • SDG&E’s Reduce Your Use Thermostat offer pays you $50 for installing an SDG&E-approved thermostat. 
  • California’s Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program helps homeowners and renters obtain lower cost financing for energy-efficient projects.

Appliance Rebates and Tax Credits

  • SDG&E's Quick Savings Tips help you save money and energy with rebates for energy-efficient appliances, such as clothes washers. It also provides tips on reducing energy use.
  • The EPA hosts a website with information about federal tax credits for energy-efficient Energy Star products, including everything from refrigerators to lighting.

Solar Power Tax Credits and Financing

  • Energy Star solar energy systems -- from solar water heaters to photovoltaic systems -- are eligible for federal tax credits. 
  • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs help property owners finance energy-saving projects by letting homeowners pay for them through their property tax bill. 
  • The PowerSaver loan program offers financing options for homeowners seeking to upgrade their homes with energy-efficient and renewable energy projects. This website lists potential lenders.

Electric Vehicles

  • California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project provides rebates ranging from $900 to $7,000 for the purchase or lease of a new zero-emission vehicles. 
  • The California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Resource Center hosts an Incentives Search engine that helps you find rebates, discounts, tax credits and other incentives for the purchase of plug-in electric vehicles, accessories and insurance.
  • SDG&E’s Electric Vehicles website offers information on electric vehicles, such as vehicle types, charging options and discount energy rates. It even includes a buying guide.