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Sustainability Guiding Principles

  • Being a model community
    Carlsbad desires to be a model community by creating a sustainable, high quality of life for those who live, work and play in the city.
  • Creating a Sustainable System
    Sustainability is based on achieving a long-term balance among social, economic and environmental factors.
  • The participation of Carlsbad residents is vital to its success
    The city recognizes that it takes the collective efforts of its citizens to make its vision a reality. Residents have a responsibility to be informed, involved and engaged in the development of their community.
  • A proactive approach to sustainability guides city policy
    Carlsbad is committed to proactively addressing existing and potential community needs without compromising future generations. The city encourages staff to participate in research opportunities that may further its goals of creating a sustainable community.
  • Carlsbad recognizes the local and global impacts of decision making
    Local social, economic and environmental issues cannot be separated from the bigger picture. Carlsbad recognizes the interconnectedness of citizens, associations and communities; and the fact that what one community does may have a profound impact on another.
  • Developing a sustainable community is based on employing cost effective programs
    The city recognizes that both financial and staff resources are limited; therefore, those programs and activities providing the highest benefit to the community and representing best-cost solutions should be considered.