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Kelly Ranch Habitat Conservation Area

Preserve manager: Center for Natural Lands Management

Informational websites: CNLM - Kelly Ranch

Preserve management plan: PMP 2008-2013

Major threats (top 3): Human abuse/trespassing, nonnative plant species/habitat degradation, altered fire regime

Current/ongoing management activities: Orcutt's hazardia restoration activities, sensitive plant studies and rehabilitation, gnatcatcher and bird surveys, habitat assessments, patrolling/enforcement, habitat maintenance and nonnative plant removal

Adaptive management (conceptual models, trials, and lessons learned): A large part of our work on this site is to keep it free of nonnative invasive plant species. The result has been high quality habitat that supports more gnatcatcher pairs than was envisioned. Individual Orcutt's hazardia was also planted, which has been successful and has even produced seedlings.