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Reports & Studies

Watershed Protection

The Watershed Protection Program works to keep pollution out of our creeks, lagoons and ocean. The city is regulated by a Municipal Storm Water Permit, which is issued by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Carlsbad Watershed Management Area
Water Quality Improvement Plan

The goal of the Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP) is to protect, preserve, enhance and restore water quality and beneficial uses of the watershed, such as fishing, swimming and habitat. The WQIP includes the Cities of Carlsbad, Encinitas, Escondido, Oceanside, San Marcos, Solana Beach, Vista, and the County of San Diego. The regulations encompass a broad public participation process and a solicitation of data, information, and recommendations, all of which were considered for implementation into the final plan submitted to the Regional Board.

For more information, documents, and data related to the CWMA's WQIP, please visit Project Clean Water.

Jurisdictional Runoff Management Plan

The purpose of the city's Jurisdictional Runoff Management Program (JRMP) is to reduce non-storm water flows and illegal discharges to the storm drain system through planning, education, inspections and monitoring. The city regulates all phases of land development from planning, construction, and existing development to ensure compliance with storm water regulations. The JRMP applies an adaptive management approach that allows changes and revisions to be implemented to protect our creeks, lagoons and ocean to the maximum extent practicable.

Geographic Information Systems Data (GIS) for JRMP

The GIS data provided below includes the following:

  • Data used to create the map of the city's storm drain system as required by the Municipal Storm Water Permit Provision E.2.b(1)
  • Data used to create the annually updated map showing the location of inventoried existing development as required by the Municipal Storm Water Permit Provision E.5.a(3)

The GIS data are provided as ArcGIS map packages and appropriate software is necessary to open the files. PDFs of the maps are included as appendices to the JRMP 2021 document.