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Kelly and Park Drives Road Diet

Kelly and Park Drives were identified in the city’s Carlsbad Active Transportation Strategy as a location where improvements could be made to enhance safety and improve access to trails.  

The Strategy was initiated in coordination with the Trails Master Plan Update. The project leverages unique opportunities to meet the city’s livable streets goals due to the geographic setting, adjacent land uses and desired use of the street by various modes of travel.  

Designing roads that can safely accommodate all modes of travel is a priority for the city. Improving access and connectivity to trails delivers great health benefits, and allows us to enjoy the city’s natural beauty. The proposed project would include both elements, and is funded in the current Capital Improvement Program budget.

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Updated Plans

Input received from the community has been incorporated into the latest set of plans. The project is currently under environmental review.

Proposed Designs


Cross sections

For More Information

Please contact the project manager, Brandon Miles, 760-602-2745 or brandon.miles@carlsbadca.gov

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