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Village, Barrio Lighting and Traffic Circles

Creating the Future Together

The Barrio community has continually emphasized the need for safety and livability.These values are prioritized and planned for in the Village and Barrio Master Plan, creating real solutions to meet these goals.

Over the next 12 to 18 months, two major infrastructure improvement projects are being planned in the Barrio. As these projects move forward, the city will continue to share opportunities to express your needs, values and priorities as the master plan is applied to neighborhood projects.

Together, we will create a more walkable and safer neighborhood that reflects the cultural and historic importance of this unique area of Carlsbad.

View the latest Neighborhood Update for the Carlsbad Barrio area.

Barrio Street Lighting Improvements

The Barrio Street Lighting Improvements Project is an infrastructure improvement project being planned as part of the Village and Barrio Master Plan. Safety and livability were emphasized by the community during the development of the master plan. Improving pedestrian walkability and safety is a priority for the community, and enhanced lighting from street lighting improvements will help achieve this goal.   

Street-level lighting will be mounted higher, on 24-foot poles or mounted on existing utility poles, to increase visibility for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians and help identify potential road hazards.

Pedestrian-scale lighting will be mounted lower, on 15-foot poles with decorative luminaires, to provide focused lighting on walkways, creating a safer route for pedestrians.

Project Timeline: The project is being designed and constructed in two phases:

Phase One: Early-2021
Phase One will focus on adding lighting to locations where streets lights should exist by applying a technical analysis based on Barrio lighting and city engineering standards. Prior community input from the development of the master plan also determined where additional lights should be placed.

  • Install 14 new streetlights, identified by technical analysis.

Phase Two: Late-2021
Phase Two will comprehensively analyze, design and construct both street and pedestrian lighting for the entire Barrio neighborhood. The city will complete a lighting deficiency analysis and preliminary design, as well as confirm proper electrical infrastructure and power availability. The Barrio community will have an opportunity to review plans and provide input prior to construction.

  • Develop a phasing plan for pedestrian lighting in the Barrio.
  • Provide for public review and comment.
  • Using a phased approach, install additional street and pedestrian lighting in the Barrio, based on funding availability and coordination with SDG&E.

Project Benefits

  • Enhance safety and visibility
  • Facilitate neighborhood walkability
  • Improve pedestrian experience
  • Project continuity in the neighborhood
  • Create an inviting environment

Download Project Fact Sheet:
Street Lighting (English) | (Spanish)

Village and Barrio Traffic Circles

The Village and Barrio Traffic Circles Project is an infrastructure improvement project being planned as part of the Village and Barrio Master Plan. Safety and livability were emphasized by the community during the development of the master plan. The construction of traffic circles and traffic calming measures at intersections throughout the Barrio will help improve traffic flow and enhance safety.

The master plan identifies eight traffic circle locations that were chosen based on the goal of calming traffic in the Barrio. These locations were vetted during the public outreach process for the master plan. Preliminary engineering studies found that two of the eight locations would not be able to accommodate traffic circles. Other traffic calming measures, such as raised islands and high-visibility crosswalks, are planned at these two locations.

Preliminary traffic circle designs, as well as the opportunity to incorporate public art, will be shared with the community to ensure that the project remains in line with the neighborhood needs and expectations.

Project Timeline:
Preliminary traffic circle designs may be ready for review in early-2021. Construction is estimated to begin in mid-2021.

Project Benefits:

  • Enhance safety
  • Slow traffic
  • Improve neighborhood aesthetics

Download Project Fact Sheet:
Traffic Circles (English) | (Spanish)

Possible Traffic Circle Design

Map of Proposed Traffic Circles

For more information about these projects, contact Jonathan Schauble, senior engineer, jonathan.schauble@carlsbadca.gov or 760-602-2762