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Carlsbad Conserves

The City of Carlsbad is served by three water districts. To determine if your property is located in the Carlsbad Municipal Water District or another district, view the Water District Map.

For properties located within Carlsbad Municipal Water District, contact the utility billing department at 760-602-2420 for utility service sign-ups, disconnects, installation and payment arrangements.

For properties in the southern portion of the city, contact either the Olivenhain Municipal Water District, Leucadia Wastewater District or Vallecitos Water District (water and sewer) for utility service sign-ups, disconnects, installations and/or payment arrangements.

Emergency / COVID-19 Information

Ensure plumbing systems are safe upon reopening

Power Loss

If you have lost power due to the recent heat wave, please check your irrigation timer. Irrigation timers may reset causing an increase in usage and a higher water bill. During power outages, irrigation timers can revert to a standard factory setting which isn’t always appropriate for Southern California’s dry climate and drought resistant landscaping. Here’s steps to take after an outage:

  • Check your sprinkler system settings to ensure they were not affected.
  • Check your irrigation timer settings by reviewing the days and time you are watering your landscape.
  • In addition, examine your property for any changes in saturation levels. If your yard seems to be more saturated than normal, it is likely that your settings have been changed. YouTube offers several tutorials on adjusting irrigation timers unique to your irrigation timer model and type.

Carlsbad Municipal Water District customers can also sign up for a free WaterSmart checkup which will provide you with site-specific water-saving recommendations including assistance with irrigation timers. For more information, please visit https://www.watersmartcheckup.org/.

Water Shut Off Protection Policy

The Carlsbad Municipal Water District has developed a policy to help prevent shut off of water services for residential water customers who are unable to pay their water bill due to hardship. View the complete policy. The policy is available in additional languages below.


    Carlsbad's Commitment to Sustainability

    Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020 is America Recycles Day, a day to highlight our commitment to sustainability and recycling. Here are some of our fun facts about recycled water:

    • There are about 89 miles of recycled water pipelines that deliver recycled water to 955 points of connection throughout the city.
    • Up to 7 million gallons of recycled water are supplied to customers each day.

    We'd like to take this opportunity to recognize the staff who oversee the Recycled Water Program in Carlsbad. Each gallon of recycled water that is used to irrigate parks, street medias, freeway landscaping and golf courses saves a gallon of drinking water. Learn more about the city's Recycled Water Program.

    Water Conservation

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