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Home Water Checkup

Can you save even more?  Schedule a free in home water use checkup or use this check list to find out. Or, watch this video to see our water conservation specialist lead you through the steps.

More than 50 percent of water is used outdoors. Simple fixes to landscape irrigation can add up to big water savings.

Sprinkler Timer

  • Adjust your sprinkler timer to abide by landscape watering rules and to suit plant types and the season.
  • Split the total time your sprinklers run, with half in the early morning and half after 6 p.m. to avoid run off.
  • Install a new battery every six months to prevent the timer from reverting to factory settings after a power outage.


  • Aim for head-to-head coverage. The spray of one sprinkler should reach the sprinkler closest to it.
  • Change pop-up spray sprinkler heads with a new rotating sprinkler nozzle. Rotating nozzles use 20 percent less water, are more resistant to wind and are less likely to mist.
  • Check sprinklers regularly for proper operation. Fix leaks, broken lines, damaged sprinklers, blocked heads and pavement watering.


  • Apply a two-to-four-inch layer of mulch around plants to minimize water loss.
  • Replace grass with drought tolerant plants or an artificial lawn. Visit www.bewaterwise.com for colorful plant ideas.

More Outdoor Tips

  • Open the water meter lid and look for movement on the small triangular dial when no water is being used. A turning dial means there is a leak, and repairs are needed.
  • Cover pools and spas to reduce water evaporation.
  • Check WaterSmartsd.org and SoCalWaterSmart.com for rebates and incentive programs.


  • Replace an older toilet with a high efficiency model that uses 1.6 gallons or less per flush. A date or flush volume is often found behind the seat or inside/on the tank lid.
  • Check toilets for leaks by putting a few drops of food coloring in the upper tank. There is a leak if the color appears in the bowl after 15 minutes.
  • Replace showerheads with ones that have an excellent water stream and use 2.5 gallons a minute or less.


Run full loads of dishes. Turn the water off between cleaning and rinsing dishes by hand.


Run full loads of laundry. An average top loading clothes washer uses 25-30 gallons in each load. Install a high-efficiency clothes washer. Energy Star front loading washers use 14 gallons in each load.

More Indoor Tips

  • Install aerators on sink faucets. Fix leaky faucets and plumbing.
  • Check WaterSmartsd.org and SoCalWaterSmart.com for rebates and incentive programs.